The Place

Our heritage listed retro-fitted Hero Apartment Building houses 149 very architect designed apartments on 14 floors with 2 entrances and 2 levels of resident carparking. The street level and basements host restaurants, cafés, retail shops and services. In the carpark a worm farm flourishes with a caring community feeding them and reducing our waste to landfill. On the roof are solar panels. On the front wall there is art.

The People

The Hero Community is diverse and vibrant. Any day you can find all sorts of people with all sorts of backgrounds from all sorts of places. Long-time apartment owners mingle with committed residents, visitors, tradespeople, generations of families, professionals, retirees, students, business owners, sports lovers, artists and musicians. You might come across specialists looking after common property, others delivering goods and services. 


The Owners Corporation Committee works closely with the Owners Corporation Manager and the Building Manager to oversee the strategy and plans for our cherished building and the wellbeing of our community. 

Community Expectations

Our Hero Community expects all in the Building to be courteous and respectful of one another and their surrounds at all times in line with the Hero Rules.


Owners, residents, visitors and owners’ agents should be familiar with the Hero Rules. You can find a full copy of the Hero Rules and Regulations on this website with a link to the Website for the Victorian Legislation, the Owners Corporation Act 2006.

These are a good guide to the responsibilities that come with living at Hero. Copies of the Rules are also included in the documents provided for owners when purchasing apartments, residents when they sign their leases and visitors when they arrive.

Coronavirus (COVID 19) at Hero

The Hero Owners Corporation Committee and Managers are conscious that the Coronavirus (COVID 19) Pandemic has impacts on Hero and its community. Handwash dispensers have been installed at all entrances. Government notices have been placed in foyers and the lifts with advice about social distancing in the lifts and other hygiene protocols. Notices will be updated as appropriate.

Communications at Hero

The Owners Corporation Committee and Management are keen to advance communications among the Hero Community.  

This website is the authoritative place, a one stop shop, for all owners, residents, visitors and owners’ agents to access all you need to know about the Hero Apartment Building, making our planning and our operations more transparent, our day to day operations more efficient and effective.

  • Owners, residents, visitors and owners’ agents are kept informed with notices at the lifts, occasional notices under apartment doors 
  • Owners receive regular mailings, emails, notices and reports from the Owners Corporation Committee and Managers
  • Information screens are to be included in the upgraded lifts when they are renovated    
  • Owners have a special Owners ONLY Portal to the Minutes of the Owners Corporation Committee and other relevant documents
  • Owners and residents can communicate with the Owners Corporations Committee by email: 
  • Owners and residents can contact the Owners Corporations Manager by email:
  • Owners and residents can contact the Building Manager by email:
  • Residents can sign up for SMS Alerts from the Building Manager for special notifications and instructions. Please email the Building Manager with your full name, apartment number, mobile number: 

Famous Singer Pat Carroll at the Russell St Post Office 1960s

Cocktail Room Russell St Exchange 1960s

Contemporary Artwork Russell St Wall 2017