Owners Corporation Committee


The Hero Owners Corporation Committee is charged with the oversight of the strategy, long and short term planning and day to day operations of the Hero Apartment Building on behalf of the Hero Owners Corporations.

It acts to ensure the Building is well managed in the interests of all owners and the wellbeing of the Hero Community with all involved afforded the peaceful enjoyment of their apartments and the building.

Legislation Regulations and Hero Rules

The Committee’s obligations arise from the Owners Corporation Act Victoria 2006, Owners Corporations Regulations 2018 Model Rules and the Hero Rules. You can view the Hero Rules here.

  • Owners of Hero Apartments are automatically members of Owners Corporations 1 and 2.
  • The boundaries of the Owners Corporations at the Hero Apartment Building are set out in the Hero Plan of Subdivision registered at Land Victoria.
  • Owners Corporations have statutory duties and powers as set out in the Legislation Regulations, Model Rules and their own Rules.
Hero Owners Corporations

Hero has three Owners Corporations.

OC No.1 Plan No. 428294T covers the skin of the building, the front entrance from Russell Street and part of the Russell Street foyer as well as both the stairwells (Russell Street end and Coromandel Place end). It includes all the mechanical and fire services which apply to residential apartments, retail and hospitality businesses.

OC No. 2 Plan No. 428294T covers corridors to residential apartments, access to and parts of the carpark, residential amenities, residential lifts and the Russell Street and Little Collins Street foyers. Apartment owners pay for maintenance and cleaning of residential common property and amenities.

OC No. 3 covers the stairs to the retail and hospitality businesses in the basement.

How the Committee Works

The Committee is elected annually at the AGM, meets regularly and takes decisions in line with its statutory duties and powers.

All Hero Apartment Owners are eligible to stand for the Committee, vote for the Committee or appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf at the AGM (Annual General Meeting).

  • Up to twelve owners are elected each year at the AGM 
  • The Committee appoints a Chair and a Secretary
  • The Committee appoints Sub-Committees to work on specific issues 
  • The Committee meets each quarter with other meetings held as required
  • The Owners Corporation Manager facilitates various meetings on instruction from the Chair
  •  The Owners Corporation Manager takes and distributes minutes 
  • Minutes of meetings are available for all owners here
  •  The Building Manager attends and reports 
  • Regular reports from the Committee Meetings are posted in the building at the lifts for owners, residents, visitors 

Who’s Who

Currently the Committee has nine Members; Jill Luttin (Chair), Rowland Ball (Secretary), David Loader, Chris Pearce, Brigid Bangay, Jacintha Soo Ho, James Edmundson, Tihomila Keane, Tricia Caswell.

Committee Responsibilities

Key responsibilities include: 


Professional companies are appointed to give effect to Committee decisions. Contracts are for agreed terms, with competitive tenders and performance reviews.

Currently, FawknerMay Pty Ltd is the registered Owners Corporation Management Company contracted to Hero Owners Corporations with services delivered by its Principal, Rick Deering  

The policy of the Owners Corporation Committee is to retain a resident Building Manager, maintaining an on-site presence.

Currently Centric Facilities Management Pty Ltd is the Building Management Company contracted to Hero Owners Corporations with services provided by its Director Daniel Hanily appointed as the Resident Building Manager


  • Setting Owners Corporation Fees
    Notes: Owners Corporation Fees reflect the nature of an older heritage listed building with an emphasis on safety, sustainability and compliance.
    Fees not paid in time will incur interest in line with the rates decided at the Hero AGM. Debt collectors and further actions are put in train for outstanding fees with interest and any collection costs added to the bill.
  • Approving Budgets and Financial Statements
  • Maintaining a Maintenance Fund and Maintenance Plan
  • Operating bank accounts, investments and insurances
  • Determining delegations for payment of invoices by the Building Manager


  • The Owners Corporation Committee may seek legal advice/opinion on issues arising out of operations of the Hero Apartment Building. The Committee may also instruct legal representatives in relation to legal actions in order to assert the rights of the Hero Owners Corporations and protect the Hero Apartment Building, the interests of Hero owners and the wellbeing of the Hero Community.


  • Oversight of the policies and systems to maximise the security of the building.
  • Instructing the Owners Corporation Manager to keep an up-to-date Security Register of all Hero security fobs, security keys and carpark remotes in consultation with the Building Manager.


  • Determining the agenda for and recommendations to the AGM in consultation with the Owners Corporation Manager who acts as facilitator

Hero Rules

  • Reviewing Rules at various times with recommendations to the AGM as appropriate


  • Developing policies, procedures, protocols, codes of practice and behaviour as required

Common Property and Assets

Details in the next section.

Hero Common Property & Assets

Responsibilities of the Hero Owners Corporations focus on common property and all that goes with it. This is often challenging, complicated business. 

The Committee works closely with the Building Manager and the Owners Corporation Manager assessing and improving the common property and assets and providing a host of services.

Owners and residents should be aware how many, how varied and how valuable these services are. They add to the amenity and value of the building, apartments and community.

At Hero common property and assets include: Physical areas, infrastructure, facilities, and systems, fixtures, fittings, chattels, equipment and services.

  • Areas; Russell Street and Little Collins Street foyers, corridors, stairwells, the skin of the building, roof, loading bay, basements and passages, the entrance outside the Russell Street foyer, front steps and ramp, carpark entrance, ramps and areas not included in carpark lot titles or storage cages of owners.
  • Infrastructure, facilities and systems: Plant and equipment, fire systems and equipment, water and air flows, the cooling tower, LED and other lighting, lifts, lift wells, stairs and stairwells, solar panels and inverters, electricity, gas, metres, collective hot water, security systems, air space, pipes and structural walls. All shared wiring and cabling for utilities, telephone, television, internet and electricity are also common assets on common property.
  • Fixtures, fittings, chattels and equipment: Artworks, sculptures, plaques, mailboxes, bicycle racks, worm farm, bins, carpets/flooring, pillars and walls on Russell Street, signage, office furniture, computers and equipment, roof anchor points, various doors
  • Services: Overall maintenance, waste and recycling collections, worm farm services, internal cleaning, external window cleaning, the website, painting, repairs, upgrades, replacements and capital works

The Owners Corporation Committee, the Owners Corporation Manager and the Building Manager share these ongoing responsibilities.

  • Monitoring and reporting on the state of common property and assets
  • Ensuring all areas and systems are functional, compliant and of a high standard
  • Ensuring the architectural integrity and appearance of the building is maintained in line with Hero Rules
  • Ensuring all common areas and assets are accessible as required
  • Investigating options for improvements, innovations, upgrades, replacements and capital works
  • Maintenance, cleaning, repairs, painting
  • Metering and apportioning costs of maintenance, replacements, capital works and services
  • Dealing with liabilities and costs for damage to common property and services
  • Seeking advice from the Owners Corporation Manager about what is common property and what is private property as required
Contacting the Owners Corporation Committee

Owners and residents can email the Owners Corporation Committee ownerscorp@heroaparetments.com.au

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