I Live Here

I Live Here tells you how to best enjoy everyday life at Hero, highlighting the most important issues for owners, residents, visitors and owners’ agents.  

Hero is a well-managed, cherished, safe, retrofitted heritage building. All who live, work or visit are expected to be courteous and respectful of one another and the building, understanding and complying with the Hero Rules.

Hero Rules

The Hero Rules are included in documents provided to owners when they purchase apartments, residents who rent when they sign their leases, visitors when they arrive and are essential for owners’ agents. The Owners Corporation Committee works closely with the Owners Corporation Manager and the Building Manager to oversee the strategy, planning and day to day operations. For access to all the details in the Hero Rules, regulations in the Model Rules and Legislation use the link here to the Hero Rules

Owners, residents and owners’ agents will find it useful to be familiar with these.

Coronavirus (COVID 19) at Hero

The Hero Owners Corporation Committee and Managers are conscious that the Coronavirus (COVID 19) Pandemic has impacts on Hero and its community. Handwash dispensers have been installed at all entrances. Government notices have been placed in foyers and the lifts with advice about social distancing in the lifts and other hygiene protocols. Notices will be updated as appropriate.

Security: Keeping Hero Safe

All who live, work and visit Hero need to cooperate with The Owners Corporation Committee and Managers to keep the building and community safe.

  • Access to the Building requires security fobs for the Russell Street and Little Collins Street foyers and lifts 
  • Access to the residents’ carpark requires carpark remotes for the Coromandel Place entrance
  • Access to apartments requires security keys* or ordinary keys**

Please note:

*Security keys for Apartments can only be copied with the authorisation of the owners and the Owners Corporation and provide greater security than ordinary keys 

**Owners who replaced their original keys and locks with ordinary keys should be aware these can be copied without any authorisation at any key making service

Order Forms for Security Fobs, Carpark Remotes and Security Keys

Please apply for security fobs, carpark remotes and security keys in line with the following and the forms below.  

  • Apply for security fobs for entrance to the foyers and the lifts
  • Apply for carpark remotes for Coromandel Place carpark entrance 
  • Apply for security keys for apartments
  • Security fobs, carpark remotes and security keys for apartments are issued to owners or owners’ agents only 
  • Applications are processed by the Owners Corporation Manager, detailed instructions are on the forms below  
  • The fobs, keys and carpark remotes are delivered to applicants by the Building Manager  

Order Forms

Download Security Fobs & Carpark Remotes Form here

Download Security Keys Form here       

Keeping Keys Fobs & Remotes Safe

Please take good care of keys, fobs and carpark remotes.

  • Never leave keys, fobs, remotes in your door, in your car, in your mail box lock, inside your mailbox or in common areas
  • Be cautious when giving keys, fobs, remotes to others
  • Make sure all tenancy leases stipulate keys, fobs and remotes are returned directly to the owners or owners’ agents at the end of the lease
  • Notify the Building Manager immediately if keys, fobs or remotes are lost or stolen
  • Lost or stolen fobs will be cancelled immediately to ensure the security of the building is not compromised
  • Please note there are no master keys to apartments if your keys are lost or stolen
  • Replacements of ordinary keys to apartments (not security keys) are the responsibility of owners, no one else


Mail Boxes, Postal & Delivery Services

Hero Residents should be aware of the mail delivery services available.

Australia Post

  • Delivers ordinary items to the Hero Apartment Building mail boxes in Russell Street and 140 Little Collins foyers
  • Provides electronic notification for parcel pick-ups at the Australia Post Office Shop 111 Bourke Street
  • Provides 24/7 access to parcel lockers at the 111 Bourke Street Shop. You need to register for this free service
  • Hires out individual PO boxes at the 111 Bourke Street Shop. You need to register and pay for this service, which you can do here: www.auspost.com.au

Other Deliveries              

Hero Residents are responsible for making arrangements for other delivery services. The Building Manager should be notified of heavy/large deliveries ahead of time. These deliveries must go through the Coromandel Place carpark entrance.

Mail Box Security in Hero Foyers

Residents are responsible for the security of their mail and mail boxes. Mail boxes in the Russell Street and Little Collins Street foyers are not 100% secure.

  • Thefts from these mailboxes have occurred, despite the foyers being fob secured and the best efforts of the Owners Corporation 
  • The Owners Corporation Committee continues to monitor the situation and investigate new options for improving mailbox security
  • Residents will be kept informed
  • Minimise your risk by never placing keys, fobs, carpark remotes, credit cards or any valuable items in mail boxes


How to deal with emergencies is explained in detail on the It’s an Emergency page.

Parking at Hero

Some apartment titles include allocated parking lots on carpark levels 1 and A. 

  • Lots are reserved for apartment owners and owners’ agents only
  • Owners are allocated carpark remotes for the Coromandel Place entrance
  • Owners are responsible for carpark lots, keeping them clean and tidy 
  • Parking lots are not to be used for storage

No Visitor Carparking

The Hero carpark does not provide Visitor or temporary carparking.

  • Parking without authorisation is trespassing, causing trouble for the unauthorized parker, the owner and the Building Manager who is often called to sort it out
  • Please do not park without authorisation

No Car Washing

The Hero carpark is not equipped for car washing. Commercial car washes are located at ‘Magic Hand Carwash’ 35 Hoddle Street Richmond, the Queen Victoria Building carpark ‘Wash N Shop’ off Russell Street and the ‘Millennium Hand Car Wash’ 1/114 Flinders Street. 

Carpark Cleaning

The carpark is cleaned once each year. Users are advised ahead of time to remove their vehicles before cleaning takes place. 


Bicycles are stored in areas of the common property designated by the Owners Corporation and fitted with bicycle racks or in the bicycle owner’s designated carpark lot if they have one.

  • Bicycle storage and racks are on Level A of the carpark 
  • Bicycles are not permitted in foyers, stairwells, corridors, lifts, apartments or on balconies
  • Bicycles stored on Level A of the carpark should be registered with the Building Manager
  • Audits of registered bicycles stored on Level A of the carpark take place occasionally with Owners notified ahead of time via SMS from the Building Manager
  • Bicycles not claimed during audits may be removed and donated to charities for those in need

No Storage of Dangerous Materials or Substances

No use or storage of flammable liquids and other dangerous substances is allowed on lots (apartments, carpark lots) or common property without the approval of the Owners Corporation.

Utilities at Hero

The operations of the Utilities provided at Hero are outlined here with appropriate links. For tradespeople options please go to the Choice website: www.choice.com.au


Contact your preferred supplier for telephone land line connections.


The Building is connected to Spirit Telecom, TPG and NBN. Upload and download speeds range from 25 Mbps to 100 Mbps. Spirit Telecom is the fastest. The building is wired for high speed internet separate from your landline if required.


The building is supplied with high definition free-to-air television. Foxtel provides a subscription service.


Many retail power providers are available for servicing Hero, best to shop around: www.victorianenergysaver.vic.gov.au


The gas supply to cook tops is connected to a central meter provided by Hero Owners Corporations with costs included in the Owners Corporation fees. If you have a gas leak contact your plumber, if an emergency, contact the Building Manager.

Hot and Cold Water

Most apartments have their own water meters secured on the same level as their apartments. These owners receive one bill from City West Water including hot and cold water.  Apartments which do not have their own hot water systems are connected to a central hot water system in the building and receive two bills, one for cold water from City West Water and a second from Network Energy Services.

Replacing Hot Water Systems     

Owners are responsible for monitoring and replacing hot water systems in their apartments. 

  • Owners should be aware of the age and condition of their hot water system and when they need to be replaced
  • Most hot water systems last 12 to 15 years
  • Ageing hot water systems have caused significant damage to owners, other apartments and common property with major leaks and explosions
  • All damage and costs caused by any failed hot water system is the responsibility of the owner of that failed hot water system
  • Best to keep an eye on your hot water system and your insurance coverage


Noise from inside and outside the building can be a significant problem for Hero residents. We live in a very active building in a very busy street where transport, waste collection, building facilities, renovations, construction works, machinery, gatherings, music, parties and people are present day and night.

Noise from Inside the Building   

All residents and visitors must behave well at all times keeping in mind the wellbeing of others and their surrounds.

The Hero Rules are clear. At no time should residents or visitors:

  • Create any noise likely to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of others inside their own apartments or on common property 
  • Behave in a manner likely to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of others inside their apartments or on common property
  • Obstruct the lawful use of common property by any person
  • Excessive noise from inside the building should be reported to the Building Manager

Machinery/Works Noise

At Hero, the Environment Protection Authority’s times when noise from machinery/works is allowed are applied, making for Hero ‘quiet ttimes’.

At Hero machinery noise, hammers, drills, jack hammers are NOT allowed during the following hours:

Monday to Thursday 9pm to 8am next day
Friday 9pm to 10am Saturday
Saturday 9pm to 10am Sunday    

Noise from Outside the Building 

You can take action to deal with excessive noise from outside in the building as below.  

  • Contact the Environment Protection Agency Victoria (EPA) www.epa.vic.gov.au
  • For excessive from outside the building requiring urgent attention, late night music/parties/machinery call City of Melbourne 0396589774 or 000
  • Breaches can be reported to City of Melbourne 0396589658

Apartment Renovations and Building Works

Owners may undertake renovations /building works in apartments with the Owners Corporation Committee advised in advance and kept informed of progress in accordance with the following. 

  • Works to begin only after all permits, approvals and consents in legislation, regulations and Hero Rules are confirmed
  • Copies of all permits, approvals and consents in legislation, regulations and Hero Rules to be provided to the Owners Corporation Manager ahead of time
  • Works to progress with strict adherence to permits, approvals, consents and other conditions set
  • Works to progress must minimise any nuisance, noise, annoyance or disturbance to  others, as well as any impacts on common property, assets and related operations
  • Installation of sound proofing wooden and other hard surface flooring is to take place in accordance with Hero Rules with consultation with the Building Manager taking place before quotes/contracts are finalised
  • The Owners Corporation Committee has the right to inspect works at completion, especially the impacts on common property 
  • All damage and costs to other apartments and common property is the responsibility of the owner undertaking the works 

No Smoking In Common Areas

Smoking is not permitted in common areas in the building; foyers, corridors, lifts, stairwells, in front of the Russell Street entrance, the carpark, loading bay, basements. No cigarette butts or ash are to be disposed of over balconies.

Avoid Activating Fire Alarms and $3,500 Call Out Fines

Residents should avoid activating smoke alarms inside apartments, in corridors and other common areas, triggering false alarms and the attendance of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade.

Residents should be aware of the following:

  • Excessive smoke and steam from inside apartments can activate smoke alarms and/or sprinklers, triggering the unnecessary attendance of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade and a $3,500 fine for the perpetrator of the false alarm, whether they are an owner, resident or visitor
  • Keep corridor doors closed in the event of excessive smoke or steam escaping
  • Open balcony doors and windows to allow excess smoke or steam to escape 

Sustainable Waste and Recycling Management

Improvements for sustainable waste and recycling management have been addressed in a series of projects with the City of Melbourne and experts.
Please see Heritage and Sustainability for how to manage your waste and recycling sustainably at Hero.

Pets and Animals

While pets are allowed in the Hero Apartment Building, owners are responsible for their behaviour at all times.

  • Pets must be on a leash or otherwise restrained on common areas with no urinating or defecating allowed
  • No animals are to be kept on the common property 
  • The Owners Corporation Committee can remove pets from common areas if there is a nuisance issue

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is provided by the Owners Corporations, carried out by contracted experts, agile ‘spidermen’ who swing safely and fast on ropes secured from the roof.

  • All windows are cleaned twice each year, in June and December
  • Prevailing conditions on the south face of the building require extra cleaning of that face in March and September
  • SMS alerts are issued ahead of cleaning days

Architectural Integrity and Appearance of the Building

Architect developed styles and products are included in the Hero Rules in order to maintain the original architectural integrity, intent and aesthetics of the building. Owners and residents must not paint, finish or otherwise alter the external façade of the building or improvements which form part of the common property or their lot.

Residents should be aware they must allow access to common areas if required.

Approved Window Coverings

The Building Manager has samples of the approved window coverings for apartments as below.

  • Approved living room window coverings include sunscreen roller blinds, manual or motorised
  • Approved bedroom window coverings include sunscreen roller blinds, manual or motorised and venetian blinds, metallic, painted, timber
  • Window coverings not approved include external awnings, curtains and blinds other than those already fitted or approved by the Owners Corporation Committee
  • No window tinting 

No Signs or Notices on Common Property

Owners, residents and owners’ agents are not permitted to erect any signs, notices or for sale/lease boards on common property or in apartment windows.

Commercial Area

The restaurants, cafes and other proprietors in commercial areas of the Hero Apartment Building must act lawfully at all times. All proprietors must take into account the safety, health and wellbeing of others, especially in relation to times allowed and details for waste management, noise, smells/vapours and smoke.


Complaints must be addressed in writing or by email to the Owners Corporation Manager: info@fawknermay.com.au

Lost and Found

Lost and found items should be handed to the Building Manager who will secure them.

Renovated Russell St Foyer 2012

1920 Russell St Looking South to Collins St

When Hero was a Grand Post Office

Retrofitted Hero Apartment Building 2001