It’s An Emergency


It’s an Emergency explains what to do in case of an emergency in or around Hero and who to contact. In case of a fire it tells you how to evacuate the building, where to go, who to ask, how long to stay outside and when it is safe to return to the building.

Emergency Contacts

These are essential emergency contacts to have handy.

  • Police / Fire / Ambulance: 000
  • City Police Station: 204 Bourke Street Melbourne 24/7 03 9637 1100
Nearby Hospital 24/7 Emergency Departments

The closest hospitals with Emergency Departments are as follows:

  • Royal Melbourne Hospital: 300 Grattan Street, Corner Royal Parade Parkville 0393 427 009
  • Epworth Richmond Private: 62 Erin Street Richmond 0395 063 000
  • St Vincent’s Hospital: 41 Victoria Parade East Melbourne 0392 312 211
  • Royal Victorian Eye and Ear: 32 Gisborne Street East Melbourne 0399 298 666
Personal Crises

Organisations to contact for help with personal crises in an emergency are:

  • Lifeline Crisis Support 24/7: 13 11 14 
  • Beyond Blue Support Service 24/7: 1300 22 4636


Emergencies at Hero

Emergencies in the building require all residents and all others present at the time to follow procedures in line with the Hero Rules. 

Emergencies are events in or nearby the building relating to fire, urgent medical needs, accidents, assaults, fatalities, serious injuries, personal crises, disputes, physical threats, domestic violence, weapons, bomb threats, gas leaks, flooding, severe weather 

  • Most emergencies relate to fire and fire callouts 
  • Some emergencies require individuals to take action on the spot
  • All emergencies should be reported to the Building Manager with details of the incident, names, times, injuries, action and other impacts so they can be incorporated in the Building Incident Reports
Individual Action

Some emergencies require individual action, seeking help as quickly as possible.

  • Assist any person collapsed, injured or in immediate danger if safe to do so
  • Call 000 if an emergency
  • Call out to see if there is a doctor, nurse, paramedic passing by
  • Turn off or isolate hazardous equipment if it is safe to do so eg stove leaking gas   
  • Inform people nearby if they are in danger
Hero Apartment Building Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Emergency evacuation procedures are posted at the lifts on each level in the Building.

These procedures are activated by Hero’s Chief Fire Warden, the Building Manager.

  • Please follow instructions over the loudspeakers in your apartment
  • Leave your apartment immediately when instructed
  • Walk safely down the stairs nearest to your apartment, Russell Street end or Coromandel Place end of the building
  • Never use the lifts in an evacuation, use the stairs only
  • Exit to the evacuation assembly area, corner of Little Collins Street & Russell Street
  • If the stairs are smoke filled, return to the apartment and await assistance
  • Use balconies to attract attention if necessary and safe to do so    
  • Listen for directions from voluntary, resident fire wardens with red caps on
  • Assist any person requiring help if safe to do so 
  • Wait until the Chief Fire Warden or other authorised personnel gives the all clear to return to the building  
If You are First on the Scene of a Fire

These procedures help if you are first on the scene:

  • Call the Fire Brigade on 000
  • Isolate the source of the fire if possible and safe to do so
  • Attack the fire only if it is safe to do so
  • The automatic sprinkler system will turn on
  • Leave fire hoses and extinguishes alone
  • Accredited residents might use hoses in extreme circumstances
  • Leave stairwells and corridors clear at all times
  • Notify the Building Manager of hazards in common areas, especially corridors and stairwells
Avoid Activating Fire Alarms and $3,500 Call Out Fines

Residents should avoid activating smoke alarms inside apartments, in corridors and other common areas triggering false alarms and the attendance of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade.

Residents should be aware of the following:

    • Excessive smoke, steam and other vapours from inside apartments can activate smoke alarms and sprinklers, triggering the unnecessary attendance of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade. False alarms trigger a $3,500 fine for the perpetrator, whether you are an owner, resident or visitor
    • Keep corridor doors closed to prevent excess smoke, steam or other vapours escaping
    • Open balcony doors and windows to allow excess smoke, steam or other vapours to escape 
No Master Keys to Apartments or Commercial Lots

The Melbourne Fire Brigade or any other like authority cannot/will not enter any apartment unless authorized or it is an emergency. There are no master keys to apartments or any commercial lot.  

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